Alberta Assigned VIN Application

Alberta Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Program

Important Information and Instructions

The Alberta Assigned Vehicle Identification (VIN) Program is administered by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) on behalf of Alberta Transportation.

If you require assistance while submitting your application please contact IBC. In Calgary call (403) 258-3677, outside of Calgary call 1-866-263-6240.

Return your application and payment (non-refundable) to IBC at the above address, or you can apply online by visiting Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or Master Card), or by certified cheque or money order, made payable to the Insurance Bureau of Canada. If faxing your application (see number above), payment can only be made by credit card. Payment cannot be made by cash.

Upon receipt of your application and payment, IBC will contact you to schedule a time and place for the examination of the vehicle/trailer.

At the vehicle/trailer examination you will be required to show your operator's licence, or other picture ID if you do not have an operator's licence, and proof of ownership. IBC will verify the identity of the owner through the operator's licence or the picture ID. Where applicable, IBC will make a photocopy or take a digital picture for their files of the following documents:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership (registration, bill of sale, NVIS, etc.)
  • Salvage invoice
  • Proof of ownership of components used (bill of sale)

IBC will examine the vehicle/trailer and its parts to determine if they have been reported stolen. A VIN cannot be approved until the stolen status is removed by the police authority.

IBC will also examine the vehicle and its parts to determine if they have a non-repairable (or similar) status. In some cases, an Alberta VIN will not be assigned to a vehicle using certain non-repairable part(s). Contact IBC if you need further explanation on this.

The vehicle examination conducted by IBC is not an inspection of the safety fitness and/or mechanical integrity of the vehicle. A Salvage Vehicle Inspection or an Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspection, at the applicant's expense, may be required before the vehicle can be registered in Alberta. Please contact an Alberta registry agent for information on vehicle registration.

On approval of your application, IBC may assign a new VIN or confirm the original VIN of the vehicle. IBC will attach the VIN plate onto the vehicle. A copy of an approval form will be given to you which must be presented to an Alberta registry agent for the vehicle to be registered.

The VIN plate used is an Alberta Government-issued VIN plate and must not be removed from the vehicle. If it should be removed, another vehicle examination and service fee will be required in order for IBC to issue an official replacement VIN plate to the vehicle.

Alberta Transportation has agreements with the police authorities in Alberta, and with the Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau (a division of IBC), to share information collected from the applicants of this service. This is for the purposes of investigating auto-theft and auto-related offences including conspiracy, fraud, possession of stolen property and other related crimes. This information sharing, without the direct consent of the applicant, is authorized under Sections 40(1)(e) and (q) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.